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As a global leader, we deliver strategic advice and solutions, including capital raising, risk management, and trade finance services to corporations, institutions and governments.

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Serving the world's largest corporate clients and institutional investors, we support the entire investment cycle with market-leading research, analytics, execution and investor services.

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We are a leader in investment management, dedicating to creating a strategic advantage for institutions by connecting clients with J.P. Morgan investment professionals globally.

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Our financial advisors create solutions addressing strategic investment approaches, professional portfolio management and a broad range of wealth management services.

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Leverages cutting-edge technologies and innovative tools to bring clients industry-leading analysis and investment advice.

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The latest news and announcements.

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In a fast-moving and increasingly complex global economy, our success depends on how faithfully we adhere to our core principles: delivering exceptional client service; acting with integrity and responsibility; and supporting the growth of our employees.

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J.P. Morgan is a global leader in financial services, offering solutions to the world's most important corporations, governments and institutions in more than 100 countries. As announced in early 2018, JPMorgan Chase will deploy $1.75 billion in philanthropic capital around the world by 2023. We also lead volunteer service activities for employees in local communities by utilizing our many resources, including those that stem from access to capital, economies of scale, global reach and expertise.

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With over 50,000 technologists across 21 Global Technology Centers, globally, we design, build and deploy technology that enable solutions that are transforming the financial services industry and beyond.

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For general inquiries regarding JPMorgan Chase & Co. or other lines of business, please call +1 212 270 6000.

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For general inquiries regarding JPMorgan Chase & Co. or other lines of business, please call +1 212 270 6000.

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J.P. Morgan Global Index Research

J.P. Morgan’s Global Index Research is a market leader in fixed income indices with over 30 years of experience as thought leaders developing indices in emerging and developed markets. The team creates index solutions through our markets-aligned approach by integrating J.P. Morgan’s top-rated research franchise to provide first-class client service. Our objectives are to provide knowledgeable insights, bespoke products and informed index management decisions that clients can rely on.

Since the launch of our first fixed income index in 1989, our business has evolved to meet the diverse needs of our clients in an increasingly complex and data-driven market environment. Our product suite now incorporates multiple asset classes including ESG, CLOs, Rates, Sovereign, Credit and more amongst Emerging and Developed Markets.

Coverage spanning fixed income icon

Broad coverage across fixed-income markets

Award-Winning fixed income global research

Part of Award-Winning Fixed Income Global Research

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Global Client Reach

The J.P. Morgan Index Advantage

Why J.P. Morgan Index

As part of J.P. Morgan’s top rated Global Fixed-Income Research franchise , the J.P. Morgan Index Research group:

  • partners closely with Research analysts to provide the best-in-class benchmark methodology and insights

  • offers rules-based market representative indices that investors can select as part of their active or passive fund management processes

  • provides custom benchmark services working alongside our dedicated index research specialist(s) to tailor your own index strategy

Client Focused

For the J.P. Morgan Index Research Group, investor engagement is key to shaping the fixed-income index landscape :

  • Leveraging the knowledge and experience of the wider J.P. Morgan franchise

  • Providing transparent discourse and partnership for clients to effectively manage their exposure to our indices

  • Soliciting feedback via annual governance consultation meetings

Sustainable & ESG Investing

To assist our clients in their journey to adopt ESG practices in their investment decision making , since the initial launch of our JESG index family in 2018, we have focused on developing a full suite of ESG Index products which:

  • Uses a balanced application of ESG factors

  • Provides clients the flexibility to have bespoke index solutions using our ESG framework

  • Offers unique insight and consultations with our dedicated ESG index specialists

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Product Suite

The J.P. Morgan ESG (JESG) Index Suite builds upon our flagship fixed-income indices implementing an ESG risk mitigation methodology while still adhering to the core risk-reward profile of the underlying asset class
The JESG Index Suite offers coverage across multiple asset classes, including:

  • Credit bonds universe tracked by the JESG Global Corporate Index (JESG GCI) , JESG Corporate Emerging Markets Bond Index (JESG CEMBI) , JESG Asia Credit Index (JESG JACI)
  • Sovereign bonds tracked by JESG Emerging Markets Bond Index (JESG EMBI) and JESG Government Bond Index – Emerging Markets Index (JESG GBI-EM)
  • JESG Green Bond Index (JESG GENIE) index provides coverage of the Green Bonds

The J.P. Morgan sovereign indices offer extensive coverage across developed and emerging markets local currency bonds:

  • Developed market local currency bonds are tracked by the J.P. Morgan Government Bond Index (GBI) , complimented by the J.P. Morgan US TIPS Index (JUSTINE) , the J.P. Morgan Euro Linker Securities Index (ELSI) , and the J.P. Morgan Gilt Inflation Linked Local Index (GILLI)
  • The J.P. Morgan Government Bond Index Emerging Markets (GBI-EM) covers emerging market domestic sovereign bonds
  • The GBI Aggregate Index (GBI-AGG) tracks sovereign local currency bonds across developed and emerging markets, while GBI-Cross Markets Index (GBI-CM) primarily tracks fixed-rate developed market local government bonds with exposure to advanced emerging markets
  • Region-specific indices include European Monetary Union Index (EMU), China Aggregate Index , and the J.P. Morgan Asia Diversified Index (JADE) family exclusively covers local currency bonds within the Asia region

Developed Markets


Inflation Linkers

Within the credit space, we offer a broad suite of indices covering both developed and emerging markets universe:

  • Our flagship J.P. Morgan Emerging Markets Bond Index (EMBI®) family covers hard-currency denominated sovereign bonds, while Next Generation Market Index (NEXGEM) focuses on the frontier economies
  • Emerging markets corporate bonds are tracked by the Corporate Emerging Market Bond Index (CEMBI) , the J.P. Morgan Asia (JACI) suite, the Central America and Caribbean (CACI) , and the Middle East Composite (MECI) indices
  • The J.P. Morgan Global Corporate Index (GCI) suite of indices tracks corporate bonds across developed and emerging markets

Global Corporates

  • GCI
  • GCI IG
  • GCI HY

The J.P. Morgan Securitized suite of indices provides a wide range of coverage within the securitized space:

  • The J.P. Morgan Collateralized Loan Obligation Index (CLOIE) is the first rule-based total return benchmark designed to track the USD-denominated, broadly syndicated, arbitrage US CLO market
  • The J.P. Morgan Asset Backed Securities Index (ABS) represents US dollar denominated tradeable ABS instruments.
  • The J.P. Morgan MBS Agency Index (MAX) is an in-depth measure of the US Mortgage-Backed Securities fixed-rate agency market

Products within the rates & FX space:

  • The Emerging Local Markets Index Plus (ELMI+) tracks total returns for local currency denominated money market instruments in emerging market countries
  • The J.P. Morgan Cash Index serves as a reliable performance benchmark for a fund’s cash component and are offered in multiple tenors

Within the Cross-Asset space:

  • The J.P. Morgan Global Aggregate Bond Index (GABI) unifies all core J.P. Morgan bond indices under a single platform, leveraging flagship indices such as the EMBI ® , GBI, and CLOIE which are industry standards in their respective asset classes
  • Complementing the global benchmark is the US-only GABI - the GABI US is a holistic gauge for the entire US fixed income market capturing all USD denominated debt within the GABI
  • The J.P. Morgan Emerging Markets Blended (JEMB) suite of indices is an aggregate EM fixed income benchmark that blends US dollar and local currency denominated sovereign, quasi-sovereign, and corporate bonds

The J.P. Morgan Index Research team offers a custom benchmark experience where clients work alongside a dedicated index research specialist to tailor their index strategies across various asset classes.

  • Custom indices and ETF benchmarks – tailored solutions for portfolio management and risk assessment for asset owners, asset managers, sovereign wealth funds, ETF issuers, and more
  • The J.P. Morgan Index Research Replication Strategy (IRR) offers durable cash-based passive indexing strategies for investors looking to efficiently replicate the performance of the J.P. Morgan EM fixed income suite of indices. The IRR platform aims to optimize both execution and coverage

Index Perspectives


Partner with our Global Index Research team to design your bespoke index solution

Collaborate with J.P. Morgan to identify and analyze the most suitable index for your product needs

We offer Fixed Income market expertise to recommend strategies

Construct an Index that reflects your strategy, flexibility to diversify across asset classes to optimize through changing market conditions

Established index construction and delivery processes to refine the data to your index needs

Test your strategy, analyze and refine the Index requirements for launch

Work in partnership to finalize the Index criteria

Launch your ETF on the path to ETF product growth in partnership with J.P. Morgan

Assistance in product documentation and publication requirements, as well as ongoing collaboration to review your product

Portfolio Manager/Index Manager tool - your multi-asset pre-trade analytics and data platform, simplifying the way users generate valuable market insight

Access to JPM Indices

A global franchise with teams located across Asia, Europe and the United States offering
convenient Index access via:

For platform access, contact Index Licensing at index.licensing@jpmorgan.com

Get in Touch With Us

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